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Kaieteur Overland 5 Day Hike.

Are you adventurous and would like to try something different? Then this exciting five-day Overland Tour to Kaieteur National Park is packed with all the adventure you need! It's rugged, wet, wild and filled with exciting challenges and breathtaking scenery.

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Centuries Of Diverse Historical Influences Have Left Guyana With A Rich Legacy Of Architecture

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Be Sure To Check Out The Dates For The 2016 Overland Kaieteur Falls Tours. 

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Rainforest Tours - Who We Are

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We are the "Adventure People" and have the eco-system in the forefront of our minds. Through a dedicated family, an exciting company was born, with a vision of traveling while respecting the land and its people. While others focus on attractions and creating a western environment, our vision is face to face travel at a grassroots level. Our groups are small and sustainable tourism is on the forefront of our agenda. We boldly defy the mainstream on a quest to define the spirit of adventure in this wonderland we call Guyana.

Rainforest Tours' mission is to celebrate the rich natural and cultural heritage of the land by highlighting its beauty and serenity. We encourage community pride and have a commitment to build bridges between communities along the way. We aim to stimulate eco-tourism and economic development, promote preservation of natural culture & heritage and to improve the quality of life for future generations of Guyanese through tourism.

The Conception & Success of The Rainforest Tours.

The tour company was formed by Frank and Sabita Singh in 1995, where in the beginning, the business was run from their residence. Frank had extensive knowledge of the country due to his previous business endeavors, so with that and his deep love for nature and the environment, they created a company thats would focus on hospitality, customer satisfaction and pure adventure. This concept has now put their company at the very top of the industry.

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"I'm impressed! I want to tell everyone about the adventure and fun I had in Guyana with Frank and Rainforest Tours!"

-Luther Straxton, Florida. USA.